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Tenaga Dalam ILahi


Tenaga Dalam Ilahi* (Celestial Prana) has a specifically different method from other prana or energy.  This celestial prana sources at our faith to God the Almighty combined with full concentration.  This prana will function forever and will automatically recharge itself after being used.  The initiation process can be done directly or long distance.  Celestial prana consists of Divine prana, Mental prana and Physical prana, the combination of the three will prevent the practitioner from being exhausted after practicing it. Most other pranas have only one aspect that is the physical prana causing the practitioner to feel terrible fatigue after practice.  Celestial prana combines the three pranas to automatically recharge itself after being used. In addition, the breathing techniques given in the manual will dramatically fasten the process.

The benefits after the 21-day initiation process:

*To have self protection against any physical or metaphysical attack

*To have the protection against injury from sharp tools (being attacked by an enemy)

*To cure any physical or metaphysical diseases (Healing Ability)

*To improve career and business

*To be able to push away enemies before they even touch you. (Empty force)

*and many more benefits


*Phase 1 : Attunement and of Empowerment of Energy Sensitivity during first 7 days, its target is to open and improve sensitivity feeling and occult radar in participant’s body, so that one can feel and detect energy.

*Phase 2: Evocation and Empowerment of  Mystical Power during 7 days, after awakened hence needed by training of breath to strengthen mystical powers, which have been awakened.  Mystical Power Science of Ghaib Real Light consists of two shares namely Mystical Power Mind and Mystical Power Physical. Practice Exhalation is to strengthen Mystical Power Physical, which if perfected will feel like electric stings, feel heat or warmness and sensitivity will mount drastically. Mystical Power Mind by itself will be empowered everyday.

We will provide 30 days unlimited technical support via telephone, skype or other video media.     For more information send an email too   Leave a telephone number so that we may contact you.

NOTE:  Ilmu Tenaga Dalam Ilahi means knowledge of (Ilmu) Tenaga Dalam (inner power) Ilahi (the God).  So, it means the inner or Divine power of God.   The course comes with a training manual.   Additional training is also available.  Ask for details.

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